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What's up with coronavirus?

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I'm missing a big piece of the puzzle, apparently.

Every day I see more new cases spiking. More shutdowns. More mask regulations.

You know what I'm not hearing about? People dying. Hospitals being overrun.

I get that increased testing makes the numbers go up, but fine, maybe the numbers are rising organically as well.

Is it weakening? Maybe mutated somehow?

Or am I missing something entirely?

You're not missing anything.

I think it's mostly a function of testing, media hype and yes, some of the re-opening and protests with people just sick to death of the mask Nazis.  The death rates are still going down in most areas.

I think it's time to give up the fearmongering, we can't stay inside for the rest of our lives and it's going to spread no matter what we do.  Precautions, yes, and more than what we're used to with seasonal flu but still, it's going to be a part of our lives forever.


aIt would be a shame, if we took all those precautions in Mar/Apr., then let our guards down when it hit the worse part of phase one.  We have been watching San Antonio, and its statistics.  The Dr.s seem to be genuine, in their concerns and reactions.  Atlanta could be next, we opened before the curve was flat, just like they did.
No one is sicker of this thing than we are.  We started early, and stayed in for six weeks at a time, then leaving for supplies, which were brought out to our car, just like we are doing tonight.
Life is short, we can not hide forever.  Will we feel really stupid if we land in the E.R. and take six weeks to recover.....saying that we do recover?  This is a very personal choice and a very personal risk.  That having been said, if we are carless around others who did not sign up for our way (or someone's way) of thinking, how would we feel?  We could probably feel just fine, because we would not know what we had inadvertently done.  With that, Happy Fourth everyone, as we watch our history being destroyed by idiots who don't even read....  And yes, I am in a pissy mood....

States experiencing this surge began reopening two months ago, including Florida, Texas, and Arizona. With a coronavirus incubation period of 5-6 days, according to the World Health Organization, any surge due to reopening should have occurred a week or two after states reopened, not two months later.

Not mentioned are the BLM protests, all within the past month. Mass gatherings in many U.S. cities, without masks or social distancing, everything the basketball player and scarf queen warned against, are far more likely the cause of increasing positive tests.

The CDC director recommended protesters get tested for COVID and likely many did, driving up the case numbers or so-called surge. Most infected young people are asymptomatic, especially teenagers where about 80 percent of those infected show no symptoms.

Itís young people out protesting, not senior citizens. Ignoring distancing and mask recommendations, many get infected, then tested, and voila, we see a surge in cases. Donít forget the George Floyd funeral in Houston with over 6,300 attendees and over 60,000 marching, without distancing. Could this have contributed to the Texas surge?

The reason I ask is multifold.

Not hearing about people dying. What's happening to them? Are they asymptomatic? Briefly ill? Getting treatment?

Is it in a weak state, and if so, will it come back stronger in the fall?

Because if it's NOT currently fatal, but is going to COME BACK fatal...

I want to take a bath in it.


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