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Honey farm and beekeeping equipment in Commerce.


Went shooting yesterday with a couple of friends at a private training range where one is an instructor.

It also happened to be the biggest beekeeping operation I've ever seen by an order of magnitude.

In addition to honey, they also sell beekeeping equipment, and I understand the hives are made on site.

ETA: Also classes!

I can't vouch for the quality of the honey OR the hives/equipment, but should be worth a look to support local business which in turn supports 2A.

If you're familiar with 85 - just a few miles off exit 147.

If you're in need of firearms training -

Local honey, in my opinion, is always the best, if the area is mostly organic.  Local honey helps with local allergies, as the pollen is ....well...local.  The taste is lighter and fresher.  We are so lucky to have an Apiary and a great beekeeper on site now.  He and his wife also bought a place down the road from us, making his tending of the hives much easier.  He comes in the side of the property, so no real privacy issues.  Since he was highly spoken of by our good neighbor, we felt comfortable with the arrangement.  Our plants really outdid themselves this year, thanks to all the bees.  Since we grown 100% organic produce, we know the honey he shares with us is the best.  There are no other gardens too close.

I got started with Harold. Great teacher and I have several of his hives. I think they are my best ones and have stood the test of time (you know, all few years I've been doing this ; - ) ). Of course, I'm now modifying every hive I have into Slovenian style but if you're a Langstroth person then you'll like his stuff.

PS he used to be in the Flowery Branch area just off 985. That's where I took his class.

John Galt 1:
I didn't know Harold ran a defensive training academy.       I've seen him occasionally at the bee club and he offers classes in beekeeping.       I'd be interested in taking his Carbine 1 class.


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