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Modena Vaccine for Cov-19 Review


The new study is entitled, “An mRNA Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 — Preliminary Report.” It details the astonishing degree of side effects experienced by study subjects, revealing that over half of study participants reported at least one side effect. This chart, from the study, also shows that the side effects are dose dependent, meaning the higher the injection dose, the higher the reported side effects, further strengthening the causal ties between the vaccine and the side effects:

Food for thought, as always take with a grain of salt.

Google this.

There has never been a successful vaccine against ANY of the coronavirus family that didn't have serious and/or fatal side effects.

In 50 years of trying.

But we'll have one 9 months from the start of this new version?


I'm not taking it and none of my family is either.


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