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Flooding in China could affect supply chain

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Historically record flooding in China along the Yangtze River is reaching catastrophic levels with 200% increase in rainfall.  This could affect the supply chain including food items.


they built a dam out of concrete legos and its failing.  wait till that thing breaks

Correct -my cousin is a nuclear engineer who built a power plant over there for several years in the last decade.  He said their engineering and quality control are never good.  He brought this to my attention.

FFS!  Have we learned NOTHING?

I don't know much about Ice Age Farmer, this is somewhat knew to me.  I have seen a few of his predictions come to life, of late.  Everyone is right a certain percentage of the time.  He recently predicted that we will have a shortage of canned food due to the shortage of tin cans coming out of China.  With this new development, it certainly cannot help matters, should this be true.  May be a good time to get more, flats, jars, whatever you may need. 
I have great empathy for the innocent people there that were just born in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I am feeling somewhat the same for America right now...


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