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2020 Annual Fall SEPN Fall Campout - October 09-11 @ Cedar Creek WMA

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A little late in terms of an official announcement due to ongoing uncertainties, but we're going to go ahead and do this!

It's that time again! Mark your calendar!

The Annual Fall Campout - October 09-11 at Cedar Creek WMA. If you wish to arrive on Thursday the 8th, you'll have plenty of company for the extra day. If you can't can't camp with us, come down for the day. Most planned activities will be concentrated on Saturday.

Cedar Creek is located south of Monticello on GA Hwy 212. Our camp site is across from the Check Station (N 30* 13' 45.1 W 83* 31' 36.1) on Checking Station Road. If Googling, google Cedar Creek Check Station or you might get directions to the range which is a different road off 212.

Specifically, here: The campground is on the opposite side of the gravel road from the Checking Station on the map, and just a hair BEFORE it. The path into the woods is subtle and some would say hard to see, but accommodates the largest of RVs. If you drive fully up TO the Checking Station, you've gone too far. HOPEFULLY there will be a yellow banner out by Thursday afternoon marking the turn.

Watch this thread for more details. As classes, activities, etc. are added, the details will be added to this main post as well.

Start picking out your auction item donations! The Saturday evening donation auction is a highlight of the event and our only source of income, and everything goes back in to SEPN 100%. It pays for the domain and the website. Last year we were able to subsidize the Christmas party for all attendees, and this year there's even more. specifically...

No camping fee: SEPN is picking up the bill for Port-A-Potties this year. No GORP/WMA pass is required at this site


Activities: Normally we have classes or other activities planned, but with the current situation to allow people to mingle or not as they see fit, and since we missed a campout, we're just going to concentrate on enjoying each other's company. Be mindful of everyone's individual wishes, be they masks, distancing, avoiding hugs and handshakes, etc. I got chided at Prepper Camp for not initially shaking someone's hand who I'd normally hug anyway. And it wasn't even me not wanting to do it, but not knowing what they wanted to do. It's a bit of a minefield guessing how everyone's reacting on their own level.

There WILL be an auction! Please be as generous as possible in both donations and buying since we missed one this year and it's what funds the forum and all the activities!


I'll be there. Please check in. I need to know how many in your party. That way I can order porta pottys.

Me and Harley.  Might camp, might day trip.  I'll try to get a look at the camper this week.

I plan to attend.  RWS  Just me.

PS: Abigayle gave me 2ea.  5gal buckets of dog food for the auction.  They were packed for long term storage and are 2 years old.  Their dog passed away recently and they no longer need to keep it especially if they will be moving soon.


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