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I guess is what all the new gun owners think.

I saw an ad for 9mm on Facebook Marketplace someone wanted $700 for a thousand rounds of fmj.

We have a family friend who just got his first 22lr, paid 80 dollars for a bulk box of Remington .22lr 500 count in Gatlinburg. Said .16 cents a round was a good price 😩. I died laughing, couldn’t think of a worse ammo or price.

ps was able to get 500 federal .22lr for 23.00 at academy sports when i went to mississippi. Shoot even CCI stingers were under 6 dollars for 50. And all the old timers said ...“thats still to high”.

I haven't bought ammo in forever. What's a box of 9mm going for these days?

last I saw it was 50cents/rnd if you can even find it


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