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Prepper Camp Saluda, N.C. 2020- Main Idea you walked away with....

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Many of you lucky enough to plan ahead and get to attend this wonderful event are now back home (or on the way).  It would be so helpful to those of us "left behind", to get your take on something you learned in those three days. Just some highlights and maybe a link to anything that you were given, that you found to be really helpful information.  A one sentence reply to something you picked up there, would really be appreciated.  Hope you had a wonderful trip!
If you get home dog tired, please remember this request and post when you get caught up on the homestead.  I know many of us will be waiting to hear from you!

There's just SO MUCH. It's still at information overload. That's where notes, recordings, handouts, pictures, and books come in.

Just a few of the wildly disparate things jumping out at me are Dutch Oven recipes, a brand of socks that dries in minutes and you don't have to wash, how to break a rabbit's neck, that you can make a crapload of mozzarella in like 20 minutes, combining aquaponics with a greenhouse, finally "understanding" Q-anon, what to expect from a nuclear attack, what you can and can't dehydrate, motivation behind covid lockdown and blunders, why women don't like IWB carry...

Couple more - they keep coming...

Putting a soft armor plate in your backpack BOB and turning it around in front of you if you might expect confrontation.

The current state of the Supreme Court, circa early 20th century, is that the government can make you get a vaccine.

Lilburner, Did they say what exactly to use for the plate and where to purchase it?  Sounds like it would be a great addition to a bug out bag.

I don't remember specifics except it was a soft plate and I believe Level III.


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