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Lifetime warranty socks that repel odor and "don't require washing"

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A tidbit from Prepper Camp. I haven't tried these, but intend to.

From the bugout bag class. According to the presenter, they never develop odor, and "dry almost instantly when hung". She said she doesn't put them through the washer, but just rinses them out in water from time to time.

They're called "Darn Tough Socks". They have a lifetime warranty. They're running a contest now for a "lifetime supply of socks" - 7 pair - one for each day of the week.

I'm certainly intrigued and plan to try them.

Country Singer:
I'm a bit surprised that you've never heard of Darn Tough socks.  I wouldn't go with never washing them, though.

yeah they are good socks but like country singer said I would not not wash them. Any fabrics you wear will gather dirt, sweat, etc. and needs to be washed. Im not sure why the presenter would think they wouldnt need to be washed. LOL.   I know their website says it repels odors but id like them to smell my socks after a good days work in a field in the summer in georgia. Then tell me they dont smell and dont need to be washed LOL

We love these and have been using them for years. They have a 'unconditional lifetime guarantee'

Just ordered a pair for each of us.  I was surprised to find that I could return them, postage free, or exchange them, the same way.  What a company!  Thanks for the heads up on what appears to be a great product.  I have never paid this much for socks before, but if they last forever, they may end up being cheaper than Walmart.  Of course, at our age, it is a little like green bananas....


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