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NOT recommended: WalMart folding lug wrench.


I got the folding lug wrench from WalMart one year when I was NOT prepared and didn't have a lug wrench for my camper. I thought the folding design would be a space saver for full time truck carry.

Below is how it looks after ONE use, and riding around in my truck ever since, presumably having worked itself apart after just the vibrations of riding in the truck. Fortunately, the broken off piece wasn't the one that I needed when I changed a tire on Sunday. But then just hand pressure on the other side splayed open the yoke on the opposite side to where I could almost never get the locking mechanism over it.

Irony being, I'm going to get another one. It's well past any return window, but the performance was so egregious, I'm going to buy a new one and return the old one. I'll leave it in the trailer as a dedicated lug wrench so it's not subjected to the truck vibration, and get a conventional one for the truck.

I don't know if the brand was particularly bad, or if it's a flawed design across all of this type of wrench.


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