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Arrested for buying everyday items at Walmart.

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First a disclaimer. I see stories on prepper groups from time to time along the lines of "Arrested for prepping!" Then I get into the article and there's something along the lines of "selling illegal guns to undercover agents" or "bomb making", etc., which negates the headline.

This story is about two guys who ABSOLUTELY committed a crime. But the reason they got CAUGHT is completely unacceptable. A college student gave his roommate $200 to buy him a rifle. Straw purchase all day long. No excuses.

BUT. The reason they got caught was because the recipient of the rifle had his home searched.

"Investigators found the weapon in Maximilien Reynolds’ Ithaca apartment after receiving a tip from a Wal-Mart employee that Maximilien had purchased ammo, camping gear, knives and other “suspicious” items."

Meaning at the time of the search, the police knew nothing of the crime. They obtained a search warrant because a Walmart employee reported him FOR BUYING SPORTING GOODS.


That's scary as hell to me, and I can't think of a single scenario in which that's not a total miscarriage of "justice". What do y'all think?

Not that it matters but I'd like to know what other "suspicious" purchases there were. This is concerning & scary for a number of reasons. Mainly in that shopping feels no longer safe. What's next? Oh you bought fertilizer for your "garden" so we obtained a warrant to see if you were making a b**b?

It shouldn't matter what other suspicious items.

Presumably anything sold at Walmart is legal in the store its sold in. So why would anything be "suspicious"?

I could see a FEW things maybe going on a list when purchased in great quantity. Ammonium Nitrate fertilizer (which I don't think they sell) and meth ingredients being the only ones that come to mind. But he wasn't targeted for either.

Everything mentioned is something I might walk out of a Walmart with on a random Tuesday.

Maybe it was the 300 rounds of ammunition? Did he buy that all at once? Do you still question me trying to reduce my digital footprint?

A  couple of things here . First be smart what you buy together. For instance i never buy supper and potassium nitrate at the same time. The shooter is used to lower on of ground,food preservation and a long list of other things . Potassium nitrate i use to cure meat . Now if wet and bought them at the same time it screams black powder.
Second once the walmar t employee call the report in the police didn't care not follow up on it. It's the nature of the world we live in.

Third the straw buy was illegal.


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