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Christmas party planning

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Kinda late to be talking about the Christmas party, but the room has been up in the air.

Well it's officially closed. 😔

Going to try for the Mexican restaurant we used two years ago unless anyone has a quick idea.

This year there may be more attendees than can fit in that little area of the restaurant.

Put me in for 3 seats.

Im not sure where we stand on this right now..... But if his going to happen...Id like to put in for at least two (2) seats........

Thor and I have our provisions in place and will be sheltering in place until the numbers are way down.  We hate missing the party.  It was last year, when we got to put names and faces together and met so many really nice folks.  We will roast a duck, cook some of our corn off the cob, that was baked in cream and butter and have some greens and wild rice.  Hopefully, kids that had the virus in the past five months can come for Christmas. I have one big turkey, just in case.  I know you will have a good time and we will be thinking of you.

Here's the challenge now.

The room we've been using is large with plenty of room to space out, and we keep the door open, and go in and out and get plenty of fresh air.

As RWS pointed out, the room at the Mexican restaurant is small. It will hold us and has before, but it's close quarters and no fresh air.

All of my resources for knowing about places are in Gwinnett and northeast of there. So I don't know any places in the target area.

My two thoughts now are to try to get a Golden Corral. They have large rooms, but make you wear a mask at the bar, and many people aren't back on restaurants yet.

And secondly, get a pavillion and hope for the best. The weather is a craps shoot. It's been 75+ at Christmas parties, and we've had to postpone one due to an ice storm.

What are y'all thinking?


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