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2020 SEPN Christmas Party - Dec. 12 - Panola Mtn State Park

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2019 SEPN Christmas Party

December 12 2020
Lunch @ 1PM
Setup/Fellowship at 11AM

Panola Mountain State Park
2620 Highway 155 SW
Stockbridge, GA 30281

GPS Coordinates
N 33.623400 | W -084.172800

We're getting an outdoor pavillion - details on what pavilion number and a map coming soon.

SEPN will be providing a ham, fried chicken, plates and flatware. If members could, bring a dish to pass, or a dessert.

More to come - this post will be updated and new info in the thread. Kind of under the gun, but had to get a post up since we've had so many setbacks!


Were in pavillion #4 - looks like first one on the right as you go in.

There is a $5 parking fee. Easiest to have a 5 on you.

There is no electricity or running water.

I'll be bringing a 1750/2000 inverter generator. Should un say a crock port and microwave.

I'll bring a butane stove. Single burner.

I'll have a small propane bullet heater.

I have some tarps, but my big thing of tarps is nowhere to be found. If it's windy we can hang tarps for a windbreak.

I generally bring the drinks, but I'm packing quite a bit more than normal. If someone wants to claim drinks, they can, but claim it on here or I'll make do.

Reports so far are mid 60's to 70, possibly with rain. Looks like it will work out for us!

I would like to know if there is a working 120Vac outlet at the shelter.  The wife wants to bring a mashed potato casserole.  I will bring a microwave oven.  If not working outlet, then I will have to drive the camper and use the generator.

The wife just nixed driving the camper.  She said we can bring a broccoli salad and a couple of pies.  Blueberry/peach and blueberry/cherry.

We're in picnic area #4. You'll see the sign on the right side of the road. There no power and the water is already turn off for the winter.

I'll be there. Might even have some new prepper beans with me.
PS I'll post what I'm bringing food wise once I figure it out!

There was going to be three of us.  My oldest son just bought a house just down the road from The State Park.  When he came home today for Thanksgiving I invited him to attend our Christmas Party.  He declined.  He said he already had an invite - - from someone else in the group.  I wonder who that could be??  Of course It was easy to guess.  So now I don't know if I should count him as my guest or the other person's guest.........

Happy Thanksgiving and see U at the Christmas Party..


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