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Fulton County Stay at Home Order

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Fulton County just issued a stay at home order. I guess they don't want people talking to each other. I bet they ground Santa too.

I can't find a current order, only the one from April.  Are you sure?. I just told my granddaughter who works in Atlanta, and she has not heard about it.  She will think that Nana is off her rocker..

Her boss said they will remain open, unless they are ordered by the gov. too close.  They are busy, like nothing has changed.

I got a Public safety alert on my phone yesterday. Fulton Board of Health: Stay at home order.

A new interview with this former chief science officer at Pfizer, which was pulled from YouTube within two hours, reveals that the so-called “second wave” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is completely nonexistent.

Despite the false claims being made by the lying mainstream media, people are not dying in the streets from the novel virus, nor are they really even “catching” it anymore. It’s a thing of the past, meaning it is time to move on and forget this ever happened.


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