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We finally did it....

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Just signed a contract for some land in White County.  We are one step closer to getting out of Fulton County.  Have to sell our current house and build the new one, but finding fairly flat land in the area is not easy.  Now to find a builder....can't believe the couple that I have spoken with want $150+ per square foot.

Congrats S.S. Prepper, one step forward.  Yes, Building supplies are through the roof right now.  Thor bought a single board to finish a project and was shocked at how high  lumber has gotten in the past eight months.  Some builders are raising the prices on their speck homes before completion. Maybe it will slow down next year.  Of course, you might be forced to put in a windmill, which would be costly, but you can save money on beef, do to lack of availability. Homebuilding,....so exciting....so stressful.  Here is wishing you more excitement of the good kind!

Hey neighbor!  Iíll be about half an hour up the road. Iím in the process of finding a new builder since mine is grossly overpriced and dragging his feet. I should have been almost done by now. I hope you have much better luck than me.

A hearty congratulations!!

Congrats I cant wait to leave Fulton too.


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