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Dollar Tree put out their seeds.


Stopped by the Dollar Tree in Cornelia today And they have their four for a dollar seed display.

I must have been the first one there because they had everything fully stocked. I got probably 100 packs.

Also had some nice containers and other supplies. Even cultivators and trowels which seemed like a good value for a dollar.

Not sure if all the stores do it at the same time, but something to look for if you're interested.

They put one down the street from us. I'll check while I'm out today. Are they are GMO seeds?

Us peons can't buy GMO seeds (yet, lol), only commercial farmers can.

You need to check each label but IIRC, just about all their stuff is open-pollinated.   Not hybrids.

I checked my dollar store and no seeds yet but plenty of other gardening things. I'm sure that all the . I'm will be GMO


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