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Iím a bit concerned with recent events and Iím a firm believer of one is none and all that. I have some, but would be more comfortable with more. Iím looking to load up on supplies. Does anyone have a source for small pistol/rifle primers? I was told Academy Sports has some come in regularly. Any other stores?

North GA reloading had some boxes. They have powder, there own brand sells for around $20.00 a pound. But there prices on hodgens is high $34.00 for 4350. 

All reloading materials are becoming very scarce and expensive. Expect to pay $100 to 125 per 1k for primers if you can find them. I found some small rifle primers on $125 for 1k and that is all the guy had to sell. If you want to see some rally high prices, go to

John Galt 1:
Yea,,,   While I've never loaded pistol shells before because it wasn't worth it financially before now I've been looking hard for small pistol primers for several weeks now and can't find any at a reasonable price or even 3 times what they cost a year ago.

Been seriously killing my target practice sessions which I use for relaxation.     I haven't bought the pistol powder or dies because I'm holding off until I can get some primers.

Anyones guess when all the goodies we have been have been seeking will be available again and carry a reasonable price tag?  I am guess that, like toilet paper, people will keep buying more, even after they can come to some conclusion as to why what they have is not above and beyond.
For example, if you can not run into your house to rescue the family pet from a fire, maybe you have enough....


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