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I have a couple hundred in Amazon Gift cards that I want to use up...   I know you all can't "advise" me too specifically because ya'll don't know what I already have or don't have....   BUT...  I'm looking for some interesting ideas.  Any prepping stuff that jumps out at you?


Pressure canner. camp stove, Mountain House long term storage.  When you get low in dollars, maybe some canned fruit. and jar lids.  Good luck!  Masking tape, Paracord, a tarp. Swiss army knife.... extra batteries.

Next size up clothing/shoes for kids, extra work boots for adults.  Plastic sheeting.   Extra of anything you only have one of and usually only replace when you need to:  sheets & towels, all manual kitchen tools, all manual hand tools.

Star Lady's list made me think.  Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Country living and hard copies of Ball canning book and any how too books you are interesting in learning.  I bet we have spent your gift cards by now!  Under shoes, good hiking boots and socks

Medical staplers, otc medicines like Benadryl, immodiam, ibuprofen.  Triple antibiotic, gauze, tape, saline rinse, compression bandages, quick clot, pulse oximeter.  Ask yourself, “what can I get from Amazon today that I will miss when TSHTF.”


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