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Gardening with only morning sun?


Looking at a building opportunity that would result in a full rocking chair porch with 40-50' feet of it being railing - dead space.

I'm curious about transitioning the entire railing area into one long waist high raised bed. Probably about two feet front to back. Say about kitchen counter height. It would be great for low plants (especially for me). Herbs, onions, potatoes, peppers, garlic, lettuce, etc. Tall plants would go in conventional height beds.

It's on the east side of the house. Great morning sun. My pineapple guava LOVE it.

Are there any resources to tell you what would and wouldn't work there?

If you had a lot of solar panels and a very large battery you could hang a string of those LED 4ft shop light over it to increase the light,  Just a thought.

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In South Georgia it is good to have a little afternoon shade, especially on tomatoes.  They tend to sun scald in the hot afternoon sun.

Same thing just north of Atlanta.  I am sure not to the same degree.  I usually end up putting a shade cloth over them as they start to ripen, which also helps with these dang Mockingbirds.  Many plants do well with partial shade, if they get six hours a day of sun (as you know).  The kicker is when we have tons of rain and the blights creep in.
Our orchard is budding out just in time for a freeze Thurs night.  At least there are not blossoms yet. 
Nice thing about a garden, it helps one to forget politics.


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