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I don't think much of #1 due primarily to OpSec.  Go read the rest.  It will open your eyes/mind some.  Maybe a little, maybe a lot.


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Ask yourself these four questions to reveal your level of preparedness
by Lori Tuesday, Dec 1, 2015

Think for a moment about the last time you experienced an emergency situation such as a winter storm or a power outage. How prepared were you? Now consider a bigger problem such as a large-scale food shortage or water contamination incident. What if a disaster forced you to leave your home for days or even weeks? How well would you survive such situations?

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thats pretty can deffently get a person to thinking about their level of preparedness..i think that the LEVEL 1 more along the lines,of someone hasn't given much thought,if any.towards hunting and/or home protection,when it comes to opsec..i think that im somewhere between level 2 and 3 in food preps..

I'm at about 85% of level 4 and 20% of level 5.

I'm at about a 4.6 - a 5 without a farm.

Most of my most local friends don't know much, but that's starting to change. Now whenever something goes wrong with a plan and a tool or supply is needed, everyone stops and looks at me.

But I have seeds and tools and I know where to buy/barter/steal animals, so I have about a year or two in food to get cracking. I'm working on a remote location to call my own.

The better scenario for me, though, in the meantime, would be to show up at an established farm with an impressive resume and a strong back.

Dang.....I'm all over the place.......this makes me realize I have some holes in my preps that I need to get up to standard.....


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