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New questions from the doctor (that the doctor doesn't need to know)?

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Country Singer:
Just heard via a contact that a hospital asked someone in for a physical therapy session if they were, "Ready or prepared for a natural disaster or man-made catastrophe."  Questions also covered shelter and food.  Any medical folks know if this is an add on to the Obamacare questions (like the ones concerning firearms)?  The aforementioned occurred today in Illinois.

I haven't heard about any of that. I don't worry about my doctor too much. We compare knives and boots, and he's my transfer dealer's doctor, too.

But incidentally, as of Tuesday, per a Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta upholding a Florida law that had been blocked from going in to effect...

The measure, signed into law in 2011 by Gov. Rick Scott, prohibited doctors from asking patients about their gun ownership or recording that information in medical records unless it was medically necessary.

is now upheld and is Federal precedent.

Guess we need to start writing GA lawmakers!

In the past 2 months I've moved my medical professionals from some in Hiram to some up in Floyd County.   Of course, the GP referred me to several specialists (to catch up on stuff I blew off while John was sick & I was getting the farm going).  I'm thrilled to say that not a one of the 4 I've talked to so far (including the hospital where I had the gallbladder removed last week) has asked me any of those questions or the other one about certain objects in the house. 

I haven't rcvd any instruction that directs me to ask any sort of questions like that.....I would have a hard time asking any patient such a question.....and I wouldn't want them asking me.

Sounds like fear-hype. The only place I've heard anything like that is at DFACs, and they request  that you have weapons locked (not asking if you have them) and they also ask how many days worth of food do you have at home.


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