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If anyone is still having trouble reading the forum because of signatures


At one time some people said they were having trouble reading the board because of the signatures.

I never really understood it, but I made it so alternating posts were different colors, and they said that helped. But someone, and I forget who, was still having problems.

Turns out you can read the board without signatures. I never knew that before until I was working on some other stuff.

Go to http://seprepnet.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;area=theme

Click "Don't show users' signatures."

and then click "Change profile"

Hopefully that will help whoever was left.

It wasn't me but still good to know!

The colors solved my issue of having a one line post and 6 lines of signature.  My mature eyes had trouble spotting the start of the next post but the colors work great, subtle but there.

i havent had any difficulties with signatures and all.but thanks for the heads up..


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