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Title: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: wiseguy on July 31, 2017, 06:06:36 AM
There is a new Ham radio net on Wednesday (ed.) nights at 8:00 pm Eastern.

The net is using the repeater on the top of Stone Mountain, sometimes called the Top of the Rock repeater. 

The Alford Memorial Radio club runs the repeater.

Repeater: W4BOC 146.760,- PL 107.2

And if you have EcoLink, there is a Echolink node.

We will also be using the NetLogger software that will allow user chat, and assists with logging contacts.

Net's Format: Present Topic of the week, Call for general check in’s, Make announcements (Club meeting dates and times, etc.), Discuss topic for the week. We will close the net officially after an hour, and then allow for people to continue the discussion if they wish.

Topics of discussion: Radio’s for Emergency communications, Batteries, Solar, Go-Kit gear/ 72 hour deployment bag, Antenna’s, Digital communication options, propagation, EmComm in real life, etc.

The goal is spread and share information about Emergency communications and to let people know about groups like ARES, and CERT. To let people know that even their local church or community may have the need for emergency communications in a disaster, and how participating in emergency communications can help the community at large.

This Net is not being organized by ARES, CERT, or any church but these are just examples of the types of groups that are using emergency communications today.

We have a Facebook page if you wish to follow links and documents posted after the net.

Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: Ravenwood1950 on July 31, 2017, 08:32:52 AM
You won't believe this but I can't hit the Stone Mountain repeater at my QTH. Jasper is clear but not a crackle from that repeater.
I have often wondered how many of us on the forum can reach one another or how we would ever set up a relay system should it be required.
Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: Lilburner on July 31, 2017, 12:34:41 PM
Thanks for sharing, wiseguy! Looking forward to it on my free Tuesdays, which works out to about every other one.

You won't believe this but I can't hit the Stone Mountain repeater at my QTH.

Are you familiar with Echolink? (And this question is really for everyone).

It enables you to talk on any enabled repeater with your PC or smartphone. That's one reason I asked wiseguy to post this here, because any licensed operator can join in. He said they had check-ins from something like four states on the inaugural net.

I'll be away tomorrow, so that's why I made sure the repeater and net were echolink enabled.

The software is at and then connect to the repeater at W4BOC-R in the list or search box.

Like any internet-dependant technology, it's not viable in grid down, so you don't hear about it a lot in prepper circles, but it's a fine method for joining a discussion in the meantime.
Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: Nemo on August 02, 2017, 04:40:55 PM
I shared this report on another website (with a few ham bones [<--- my creation] ) that I visit frequently.  They listened(?) in and commented.  Comment is shared below (their suggestion), with link.  Might want to visit that place too.  Some good guys there.  Same general principles as here.


OKkkkkk...Just signed off of the net using Echolink. The subject tonight was batteries, specifically house batteries.

The knowledge imparted was top rate. Far better than TARPEN nets. I had to leave because I am getting up real early tomorrow; However, for you folks that have your Technicians permit or better, well worth your time to join in next Tuesday at 2000 hrs eastern. I am marking my calendar.

On another note: I hate using Echolink because of the delay but I will put up with it to check in again. Probably not comment unless someone steps on their d#$%k. Good net, good moderator, and some pretty dang intelligent comments.

Thx Nemo for your find.  :thumbsUp:
Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: Lilburner on August 02, 2017, 08:08:48 PM
Yeah Echolink is clunky, but better than nothing. I timed it out last night in the middle of my "Gospel of the 18650s"

I sometimes forget that ham and prepper isn't a 100% overlap, and they got the better part of an hour into the thing without covering 18650s, so I kind of took over. I'm kind of bad about them - like a new Christian or a recently quit smoker.

Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: wiseguy on January 22, 2018, 10:19:13 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been a busy beaver and haven't participated in a while.  I wanted to revive this topic to bring some important information.  If you have been following the net, you already know this.  We moved to Wednesday nights at 8 pm Eastern. 

We are still using the Stone Mountain repeater and Echolink is still an option.  We also use a program called Netlogger to pass information on during the net.  Finally we have a Facebook page.  Search for EmComm Rag Chew for the page.  We will ask for your FCC license and will add you to the list of members. 

Title: Re: EmComm Rag Chew Radio net
Post by: Lilburner on January 22, 2018, 10:23:13 PM
Thanks for the update!

I'm not sure if users' can edit posts that far back, so I took the liberty of doing an edit to Wednesday for the benefit of those seeing the thread for the first time.

I don't always make it in, but I enjoy it when I do! thanks for hosting!