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DIY my refresher course...
« on: August 26, 2016, 03:48:16 PM »
We live in an older subdivision in Catoosa Co.  We have a Rossville address but live outside the city of Rossville proper.  We have an older house, built in '64 it's not very big approx 1,000 sf.  Our lot is nice and level and is almost 1/3 of an acre.  It is ALWAYS in need of something.  I am frequently frustrated, but I also realize that these repairs give me an opportunity to acquire, practice, and hone skills that may very well be necessary in the future.

Sometimes, for emergency situations - like a broken pipe, I'll call in reinforcements; but often I try to do the other things on my own as much as possible.   About 3 years ago, we had a busted pipe in the bathroom that required a complete gutting of the floor and removal of the drywall about 1/2 way up the wall.

My brothers came and helped me get the bathroom operational again and then the "remodel/redecoration" stalled.  So I have decided to attack some of these projects in order to build my skillset.  Here is a list of ongoing projects I am working on...

Remodel bathroom
enclose 1/3rd of existing pole barn (24'x26') for storage and workshop (this includes digging, forming, and pouring footers)
build a backyard play area for the grandson
re-landscape (including installing some raised beds/containers for next spring)
add a deck and a door to the back of the house
expand driveway (with gravel)
along with the other issues that come up on a weekly basis...

I love the skill building and the sense of accomplishment...  but dang... I'm old, fat, and tired! 

While some other aspects of my "prepping" have been on hold...  at least these are things that make me feel I am accomplishing something!



Re: DIY my refresher course...
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Fabulous job Rev.   I  think getting old stinks.  I will let the youngsters do most of the building and preparing but I did make a small deck off of my back door and am adding one to front door next month.  Going to put indoor outdoor carpet on both so hopefully the dogs will stop tracking in the red Georgia clay.   I did all the clearing of 1 pasture and 1/2 way through the second one but gently as I keep discovering new wild plants and rearranging, relocating and grouping.  DIY sure says the $$.   This guy wanted $500 for an 8 x 16 deck.  I did it with a leveler & the cost of the wood.
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Re: DIY my refresher course...
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I had to let contractors (good guys!) do most of my 'heavy duty' work,  mostly for 3 reasons:  I could never lug all those joists and beams around,  I didn't have a clue how to put a building together and need I mention me and Mr. Electricity again?  Now, I have a clue - but not much more than that.  Enough to attempt a lean-to on the coop so the littles that will be dinner can have a grow out area without being disturbed by or disturbing the big girls & boys. 

Today I pounded posts and put up 3' fencing around the two small coops I bought a couple of weeks ago.  In another month, some of those hatchlings go to the grow out area, others to the coop to replace the older girls going to doggie freezer camp.

Unless I decide I want a back porch bad enough to give up a window in the office, I'm pretty much built out.  We covered the deck off the garage (for the smoker & hunting) and added an awning on the side to finish up an outdoor kitchen.  The yellow jackets and wasps have been bad this year so I might screen that in myself.  I want to be able to butcher outdoors and this will have a stove when I build the counter, already has water and an outdoor shower.

I just cannot wait for it to cool off, just harvested the grapes today during cloudy times and I'm soaking wet!
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Re: DIY my refresher course...
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My poleshed is 24'x26'.  My goal is to enclose the back 1/3 of it.  I want it relatively tight so I am pouring footers 8" below grade and 4" above grade, and 4.5" wide.  These are some pics of my first section.  I have two 8'+ sections and two 12' sections of footer to pour.

The footer is not required to bear weight, as I'm going to bolt the wall framing to the 3" square steel tubing that was used for "posts" and cemented HEAVILY into the ground (all way before we bought the place). 

Part of the "re-learning" process (I haven't done any concrete work in YEARS), was remembering to wire the "stakes" together to keep them from being bowed out.  Thankfully, the measurements are NOT critical...



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