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Amateur (Ham) Radio Links
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This thread is reserved for significant links for Amateur (Ham) Radio and will be "stickied." 

If you have relevant links of interest, post them here; the ones with the most broad-ranging usefulness will be added to the list in this post.

American Radio Relay League (The main organization representing ham operators in the U.S.):
American Redoubt Radio Operators Network (Prepper oriented):
Hurricane Watch Net:

General Info/Interest:
QRZ (Many resources, including practice tests):
eHam (Has among other things, excellent equipment reviews):
Ham Study (license study guides and practice tests):

Propagation Resources
NOAA Solar Weather:
Solar Ham:
Radio Coverage Prediction:

Frequency Guides/Lists

SHTF Prepper Radio Frequency Lists:
Artscipub Repeater Database:

Amateur Radio Satellites
AmSat Tracking:

Baofeng UV-5R:
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Re: Amateur (Ham) Radio Links
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Solar Weather -
Know what sun spots and CMEs are on their way

Learn to use your Baofeng Radio -
KK4WBK - General HAM


Re: Amateur (Ham) Radio Links
« Reply #2 on: August 06, 2015, 12:29:59 AM » is another great resource for practice tests and studying for your exams. Plus their site is Android/Mobile friendly. Member and Recruiter

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Re: Amateur (Ham) Radio Links
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Solar conditions -

I know this was posted on the old site but here it is again.
SHTF Prepper Radio Frequency Lists -
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