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Sleep, headaches, and our immune system (Health and wellness)
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I contend that being healthy is integrally related to prepping. I mean, can we be much more effective if we are healthy especially if it is a matter of a very preventable issue which takes no extra work?

While some of you who work outdoors get enough sunlight, most of us have undergone a profound behavioral transformation by working indoors compared to our ancestors. Used to be everyone worked outside or were in and out even the simple act of hanging laundry required going outdoors whereas nowadays we have an indoor machine. However, in modern times most of us work indoors and are removed from sunlight for the most part.

This doctor is a neurologist and part of her practice involved treating young girls for daily headaches but has found some interesting things regarding healthy sleep and a plethora of other health ailments. One piece of scientific data this lecture ties into is the fact that people who take sleeping pills are more likely to develop some form of cancer, but why? Well, it's known that prescription sleeping pills don't provide the type of quality sleep our bodies need and don't allow us to reach deep sleep in which our bodies heal so it's thought that sleeping pills are cheating us of this necessary state our bodies need to reach.

Anyway, for everyone I know who has been willing to watch the video, it has helped them immensely which is my desire. I almost didn't post since I got no likes on the microbiome video. I understand some of this stuff is a radical departure from a lot of our past medical knowledge, but I think it just goes to show how little medical science really knows. So if you're tired of the same old Christmas movie rerun and want something that could really help you then I present this entertaining video:


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