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Re: Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How
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Im glad someone else is on the tor is broke bandwagon. I try to explain to others its been broken for years now and people don't believe me. They believe what they want to. The truth is like lilburner said The NSA isn't worried about how much beans and rice you are hoarding. They are after bigger fish that are up to no good. I was at a security conference over 5 years ago and there was an NSA geek doing a presentation and he basically laughed at 128 bit aes encryption as being broken years ago and wasn't a problem for him to decrypt. That was 5 years ago. Im sure technology has increased since then and 256 is probably no problem.
I just don't believe there is anything out there that is safe except maybe whats in my mind or a one time pad. And I think the govt would like to be able to break both of those if they could. I know too much about a lot of things but not enough about any one thing. LOL Jack of all trades master of none. And if I know what I know think about what all the people in the know know :)


Re: Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How
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It is conceivable that they have cracked AES-265 encryption, but it's the best we have and we should use it. Given enough time anything can be cracked. The easier method is to crack you until you give them the password.
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Re: Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How
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Assume any encryption can be compromised. Assume any method of communication / web surfing can be tracked. Tor is good but assume by now the big boys have the ability to at least track exit nodes if not crack it. They are actively targeting it. VPN's that are US based are probably compromised. Windows is garbage as an OS and Mac is better but probably has a few backdoors for the .gov people. Open source is the best option but has a learning curve.

Now that we have the basics established. The best thing we can do is become unpredictable. Use multiple ways to log in. VPN one time Tor another, crap even use public a terminal to access. The more ways you browse the better. It  helps to break your metric pattern and add another web to tracking that needs to be followed through. Use linux, boot from a virtual machine, borrow a buddies tablet and log in. Log in from a hotel (use the hardwired ethernet not the wifi) or have a cheap tablet and surf from the lobby wifi and throw it away.  You don't have to log in every time. Visit sites you normally wouldn't or even sections for that matter. We are all creatures of habit and have predicability patterns. The more we can obfuscate and add layers the more we load the system and at least make it more difficult to track or tie up resources. Time comes drop the technology and go dark. Having a clean never before accessed system. That was home built may buy you a one time log in. By changing things up your digital fingerprint changes and adds more smudges to hide behind. Don't think that you are ever totally hidden.

There again the computer CPU could have shipped with a backdoor and your hosed from the get go.............


Re: Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How
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If you're on the internet, you aren't that worried.
Main Points:
-TOR and VPNs attract attention, but just look like encrypted traffic. It's impossible to profile by encrypted traffic type as the packets cant be inspected for type. It's nearly impossible to just find someone doing even truly bad stuff unless you already know a) they are doing something you want to watch b) details about where they are accessing the net. Seriously, the sheer volume of encrypted traffic

-TOR was cracked and had to patch up the hole last year, yet somehow tons of hackers still didnt go to prison as a result of the hole.

-If you know how to remain anonymous, then you know how hard it is to do so. Refraining from downloading stupid stuff is a start.

-once again, refrain from downloading stupid stuff. If you cant find it on chocolately (a dowload tool), you probably don't need it. Dont download anything directly from cnet/ and try to avoid sourceforge. Dont use client based email (outlook, thunderbird, postbox, applemail, etc.) as these programs can store malware in the inbox.

-Many Methods of preserving anonymity are stackable. You need at a minimum PC firewall (i like zonealarm), PC anti-malware (my favorite is panda security), a home router with NAT (at least until IPv6 takes over), and either TOR or a VPN.

A path to anonymity (easily) is by going to public Wifi, dragging down a VPN (install and be prepared to pay for quality), light up the VPN and drag TOR through the VPN. Set up TOR for bridging. Then light up the VPN and open TOR browser for Anything you wish to remain anonymous. If the GOVT doesnt nail the tens of thousands of Hacktivists operating at any moment, they dont care enough about some prepper.

P.S. You can download this stuff from home. There's seriously so many packets transferring, you won't arouse any suspicion. Your service provider isn't inspecting your packets at the CMTS, and at the i-bone there's too much data (like petabytes) at any time to find any one drop in the river.

P.S.S. You can never fill all the holes in a tin foil hat.


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Hey, hide yourself, use hiding software, surf in the dark (no lights) at home or the office, sneak around to use the network access that is not secured at some house 3 neighborhoods over or walmart somewhere, wear tinfoil in your hat and only flat rubber shoes.

It don't matter.  They already know who you are.  And are watching you.

But the tinfoil helps prevent them from mind reading at a distance.  Be sure to keep wearing that.  Its important.

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Re: Want to Access the Site without Big Brother Knowing? Read How
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Personally, I don't care who knows where I am. I use a VPN, on the odd occasion that I have to access given sites in the US, that may prevent me from doing so while outside the US. One of my banking institutions, for one. But, I honestly have no clue as to why they would even block foreign countries from accessing their site, when all anyone has to do is visit through a VPN. Maybe it makes them feel better? Who knows?

Anyway, if my government is that interested in finding me, they know how to track my through my passport anyway.

I have a little story involving our wonderful government, but will post it in a new thread.


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