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BOV on board air compressor / air tools / fix flats
« on: June 14, 2020, 01:31:27 PM »
finished another upgrayyedd to my bov / road trip truck.
in the past I used a cheap but decent quality 12v air pump from an old caddie or Lincoln town car with air shocks.

I got them from the u-pull-it type junk yards for 5-10 bucks, just bring a booster pack or 12 or 18volt cordless drill battery to test it.

I used a well pump / air compressor pressure valve to switch it off and on

you can adjust the pressure by cranking down a screw

then add some sort of small air tank some plumbing and wires and you're all set.
on my old truck I used a pvp pipe with end caps to build a tank and I ran lines to the front and rear bumper, but I always ended up chasing small leaks which were a problem considering the small size of the town car compressors

on this truck I used an old tank from a duece and a half and kept all the fittings at the tank to reduce leaks. I mounted it in the middle of the truck to easily reach all of my tires
I used hydraulic thread sealant

I spent a little more for a better compressor

it's meant to be portable and not mounted, the vehicle mounted compressors are 2x the price or more

so hopefully it holds up to the weather mounted under the truck

it's all under the truck except for the air hose stored under the seat, so it's not taking up limited space inside the truck
I carry a plug kit so I can repair multiple flats or help out a stranded old lady
I can fill an air mattress, blow dirt out of parts, pressurize a water tank for a camp shower, etc

I spent about 225$ on this one but only 50$ on my old truck

any air is better than no air. even cheap junk like this can get you home
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