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Cell phone outages.
« on: June 16, 2020, 01:28:40 AM »
I know that there were some disruptions in cell service on Monday.  I have a friend who lives out in NM, and she told me that her service was disrupted for most of the day, and made things very difficult for her and her family and friends.... compounded by all the other things that are going on.   My question is...:  how many people have heard if this is a HACK or ATTACK  on the commercial cell system at large? I work with military networks, and as far as I know, we didn't have too many problems at all.  But we may hear about more of them as time goes on. Looking for any other information out there.
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Re: Cell phone outages.
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A little late with this reply, but we're also in Region 7 and have noticed that Verizon data speeds have dropped quite a bit.  Call quality is ok, although when the plandemic first hit we had a lot of dropped calls and network messages.

I have not heard of any attacks on cell infrastructure (specifically).


Re: Cell phone outages.
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I really didn't notice. I did have some network trouble but we have two network providers since hubby needs it for work. I has a backup network because he can't work without it.

On one of my nets it was all they talked about. Cell, internet, banking, basically everything that involved a computer. The conciseness is that it was a Chinese  'Hack Attack'.
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