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SEPN Privacy Statement
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The Southeastern Preppers Network is a public internet forum.

In the interest of privacy, or as it's often referred to, "OPSEC", we discourage sharing of specifically private information. Real names, addresses, radio call signs (can be used to reverse lookup your street address).

As with any public internet forum, the bulk of content is, by definition, public. There are some exceptions.

There are several members only areas with varying levels of access not seen by the general public.

Your registration information is not available to members or the public. Administrators can see your email address. You don't have to use your primary email address - as long as it's one you can receive mail on. No one can see your password.

No one other than the intended recipients, including administrators, can view your Private Messages.

BUT REMEMBER! It's still the internet! Ultimately nothing is perfect. Any notion of privacy is subject to breach. Specifically by hackers or law enforcement. Our software package is robust and there are security measures in place. There have been no reports of this software platform being breached to my knowledge, but there's a first time for everything. No one involved with the board can turn over your passwords or private messages to law enforcement because we don't have it. But the service provider could be compelled to turn over servers, So keep it clean and and above board.

That being said, enjoy!
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