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I have been taking that for years. I still am not going to go out and mingle with the masses but I feel better about my weekly trips for supplies.


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If it's not too late, tell them to get monoclonal anti-bodies. That's the problem and why people die. They don't go at this aggressively. They go home and wait.

This right here.  My wife, daughter and I all came down with covid.  Started with my daughter a week ago last Wed when she likely brought it home from school.  The wife contracted two days later.  I was hit hard last Saturday.  This past Monday, my wife had the antibody infusion.  I had the infusion on Tuesday.  After sleeping most of Tuesday and Wed, I spent Thursday getting some chores done.  Not many chores but some.  Yesterday the same.  Feeling about 60% this morning.  Have lost about 16 pounds over the week.  It was difficult to get up and do chores but staying as active as my body would let me definitely helped. Donít just go home and wait.  You have to fight the virus as hard as you can of that makes any sense, even if it is just sweeping the kitchen floor and then sitting for an hour, 


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Yíall remember when the MSM went all stupid claiming that Mississippi Poison Control Center had an increase of 70% of Ivermectin related calls!!!  Well, POOF!  That was also another lie, go figure?  And people wonder why no one trust the MSM.
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Well well,  At least there is some sence left in DC.  Seems the FDA has approved Ivermectin to treat the covid.

Now if the rest of the Govt would get out of the way in the distribution system, you may just be able to find some!


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First day back at work this week. Talking to a nurse that worked the first half of the week and she reported that Covid ER visits and admissions have dropped. Still there mind you, just not what they were two weeks ago. I also reviewed the state board that indicates diversion status of the big hospitals and Iím seeing more green checks this morning than I have got a while (green checks are good, red xís are bad).
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If you can still find it get some nac with selenium. It's in stage 2 trials for covid now and the fed want's to make it a drug after 40 years so you no longer have access to it.
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walmart and ebay, at least it was last week


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