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Happening More and More in Our Society
« on: August 06, 2021, 01:19:39 PM »
Like Iíve said before I have no problem with posting something that will make people think about different situations.  First off, I will not be offering any advice or input on what to do in this situation because Iíve found that some people will invariably take it the wrong way or get offended.

Like previously, Iím sharing something that you may not think about but if you contemplate your actions before being placed in this type of situation it could be the difference in surviving or not!  Put yourself in this ladyís situation.  Ask yourself how would you handle it, what would you do and can you live with the consequences of your actions?  The time to contemplate your actions are not during the heat of the moment but before the situation arises.  Discuss with your spouse or partner and have a pretty good idea on what you would do in a situation such as this???  All confrontations are very fluid but by simply having a basic game plan you could possibly avoid a very tragic outcome.
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Re: Happening More and More in Our Society
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Thatís horrible and disturbing. Sounds like the female ATV rider that initiated the attack has a history of this.
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Re: Happening More and More in Our Society
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If there was ever a need to have a firearms permit AND a weapon in the vehicle...  this would be it.

No one should be on the road today without being prepared, anyone at anytime can snap and go after someone.  Even Augusta (not a big city) had a road rage incident right on I-20.  When you leave your house, you dont know whos path youll cross, but you also never know who the psycopath/sociopath out there is either. You need to be prepared for the fight thats out there. 

Being ready for the fight doesnt mean that you have to fight... it means that you are ready to deal with the attacker and if you have to, take them on.
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Re: Happening More and More in Our Society
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Just a couple of things. Always keep your doors locked. They aren't likely to get the door open. Roll your windows up when you see them coming. This gives you time to put your car in gear and flee. If they try to break the window, then drive away and push any ATVs or people out of the way to escape.
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