Author Topic: Should You Bury Fish Guts In Your Garden?  (Read 2377 times)


Should You Bury Fish Guts In Your Garden?
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I would like to try this, as it worked for the American Indian long before the invention of fertilizer.  My main concern, is that wild animals, or a domestic cat, will still be able to smell it and will dig up the garden, in order to retrieve it.  I also thought about just using the bones, after cooking one on an open fire.  I am just sure that someone out there has tried this and is willing to share the results.  Thanks!


Re: Should You Bury Fish Guts In Your Garden?
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Well we compost all the heads and guts from the meat birds. Never had a problem with anything a foot deep but 4” or less brought raccoons. And 50 meat birds make allot of guts, feathers and heads but it make crazy produce after a season. As far as direct burying im not sure it would be a problem as long as there not root crops. We also crushed chicken eggs under every plant with kelp and a dang coon had him a good old time. Didnt kill the plants though he just yanked em out.
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Re: Should You Bury Fish Guts In Your Garden?
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Wish we had known that when we were butchering, it would have been great! I was thinking of making deep holes with the auger, sounds like it is worth a try!  It must not have an order, or something would dig it up.  One year, we burned our butchering mess in a burn barrel.  That night, we could hear a bear in the can.  If you ever experience bear, there is no doubt but what they are.  That was part of our adventure during the nineteen years we spent in the Ozarks.


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