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Who is solving supply chain problems?
« on: November 20, 2021, 07:03:07 AM »
Pete Butt-i-dread has said that the supply chain problems will end when Covid ends. Apparently, Ron DeSantis Clause didnít get the message. Container ships coming into Florida ports have zero wait time to unload. The current wait time in Kalifornia is twenty days. I have personally noticed more trucks on the roads for the past three days. I talked to the son on a patient yesterday who called to check up on his mother. He wanted to get an update on Mom before he headed to Florida to pick up a load. I thanked him for his service to this nation as a trucker and he told me that heís going to have a good Christmas because shipments coming in to Florida are going to keep him driving every minute he can. This is proof that itís all politics. There are those in power that want this supply problem because, in the end, through taxes, inflation and poverty, it will indenture the masses to them.
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Re: Who is solving supply chain problems?
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Lots more trucks on the road.  Let's pray that they are not all filled with men's Christmas socks.
Our solar frame piece that Thor ordered never came.  They gave us a refund for the one missing piece and said we could return the rest.  It is assembled.  One another piece rusted.  This is the same frame we ordered and built four years ago.  This time they shorted us without notice and now do not return emails.  We solved it ourselves, but I am thinking these trucks may have Tickle Me Elmo, but we are not tickled by what is trickling down the supple chain at this time.  Has anyone else noticed that their fruit and vegetables don't keep any time at all?  Maybe it is that I was so used too having my home grown.  Now, I have to subsidize.


Re: Who is solving supply chain problems?
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You are better off asking WHO created the supply chain problems!   It appears to be our former President Barry Sotero and his bunch doing everything that will destroy the US........ Everything!  Nothing will change until the bums are run out and Barry flees the country...../


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