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Sure fire Way To Eliminate Wrinkles!
« on: December 04, 2021, 04:35:09 PM »
About a year and a half ago I noticed I was getting some pretty good crows feet and laugh lines!  Iím very fair skinned so I donít abuse my skin in the sun so I was looking for a solution to get rid of the wrinkles?  I am here to announce a solution to wrinkles and saggy skin.  In the process I was able to create ďa storage facility for energyĒ that would be very beneficial in a SHTF world! 

Actually very easy to do and much harder to reverse the process!  Itís really quite simple, I put on about an extra 50 lbs and somehow my wrinkles magically went away!!!  In researching I also found that I have some built in storage of energy for maintaining myself if times are tight.  OH BTW, someone else told me that with the extra pounds it has decreased the likelihood of getting kidnapped!!!  The way I see it this is a win, win, win situation! 

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