Author Topic: Tire Valve Stem Repair  (Read 2876 times)


Tire Valve Stem Repair
« on: July 11, 2022, 03:26:42 PM »
Valve stems don't normally fail suddenly and leave you stranded unless you are off road
it happened from time to time when I used to 4wheel jeeps. your rim hits a rock or log, especially in a muddy rut and rips the stem clean off

so it's rare on the road but it if happens you're screwed.
normally you need to break and re-seal the bead to replace a stem, not something easy to do on the shoulder of road or a trail
small trailer, golf cart, lawn mower tires can be a bear to set the bead

so this might not be for everyone
it's pricey, but could save your bacon in a pinch
I ordered one for the toolbox in my truck to go with my tire plug kit


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