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Seed Saving...I learned something new!
« on: May 23, 2023, 10:17:17 AM »
On a blog that I have followed for a long time, I just picked up a new gardening hint.  We all know, from years of planting, that some sources are not worth a plugged nickel.  I think this one is.
A very successful gardener (according to those who actually has seen this man's end produce), uses a different strategy for seed saving.  Instead of keeping seed from late in the season, he saves some of his early, best produce, marks and uses it.  The first time he did this, his veggies were ready to eat about two weeks sooner. He planted at the same time.  This man keeps a garden journal.  Now, after three years, his crops are ready almost a month early.  He has to protect them, at times.  I have no idea where he lives.  It certainly is worth a shot.
Last year, I kept some seed from three, exceptionally nice Jimmy Nardello peppers.  This year, they are almost twice and fat and nine inches long.  We we had normal sun, I think they would be ready to eat by now. 
I start out each year keeping a journal.  Add in new chicks, new medical herb gardens and making tinctures, and once again, I am flying by the seat of my pants by mid-May.  Since it has rained too much to even dare tough a vine right now, I think I will take a few notes. My contender beans are two inches long, covered with blossoms and the plants look amazing.  If they can perform it this weather, they will be winners in my good.  Time will tell if all the additional water changes the flavor. As Annie sang, the sun will come up, tomorrow....


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