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Active Shooter or Riots Prep
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I work for a financial institution and have to undergo "Active Shooter" training annually despite the fact I do not work in a cash handling area.  It is good for situational awareness, and one never knows when someone in their office is being stalked by their partner which is more common than armed robbery.  (Watch for office creepers stealing purses this time of year!  I have seen it happen in December 2x in my career in Atlanta.)

I have made improvements to our floor (locking door with crashbar) and other equipment for my own office for protection if I cannot get out of the building unnoticed which I practice occasionally. Of course we cannot bring firearms on company property, but pocket knifes under 4" and pepper spray are fine. 

Now I am looking to improve my home security as well after I read one prepper's blog about surviving the Ferguson MO riots (and then moving away.)  Atlanta is a little kinder of a big city than others I have visited, but it is changing, and riots could still break out here or anywhere really with evil instigation or bad enough circumstances.

Then I read this article about active shooters being identifiable because they start by acting up in smaller ways before they act up in bigger fashion.  I found this true in a friend's case.  Her husband killed their dog before he started trying to kill her.  (She is fine and went into protective hiding in another state while getting him locked up and a divorce. ) 

Here is the link with other good tips for preparing for this all too common eventuality (especially in larger public places.)  Note the line in this article about the Las Vegas mass shooting where no one was able to shoot back and didn't want to be labeled the shooter.  Something to think about if you conceal carry, but hopefully, that won't be the case in most situations.

Both riots and active shooters require the same mantra - Run, Hide, Fight (the first 2 are best, but if you have to fight, be ready to fight hard and smart.)  So one might add "Think" before the other 3 words. 

This link is in the previous article near the bottom.


Re: Active Shooter or Riots Prep
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Good video to share with beginners or "non-preppers" you love to help them understand this knowhow is for everyone.

Retired Navy SEAL Shares Deadly Skills  - 100 are in his book which I am not pitching, but he shares like 5 good ones on the show
that everyone can perform.

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